Christian Damgaard

Christian Damgaard

Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

Current research

Researcharea is primarily within periodontology with a triad approach focusing on i) cellular interactions, ii) treatment impact on periodontitis and comorbidities, and lastly iii) the societal patterns and trajectories for periodontitis and periodontal treatment and its effect on general health. Ultimately, the aim is to determine the burden of periodontitis on inflammatory diseases distant from the oral cavity. Notably, based on the findings in Damgaard et al. 2015 and 2021, Christian Damgaard has experience in making research contributions that change clinical practice. Specifically, questions regarding infection in the oral cavity are now included in the quarantine screening questionnaire used routinely prior to blood donation.



Periodontal surgery

Regenerative periodontal surgery

Mucogingival surgery

Treatment of peri-implantitis

Periodontitis' comorbidities - systemic and oral manifestations

The influence of tobacco on periodontal diseases

Classification of periodontal diseases

Immunological aspects of periodontitis

Periodontitis' immunohistology and pathogenesis



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