Charlotte Holme Nielsen

Charlotte Holme Nielsen

  • The Graduate Programme for In Vivo Pharmacology and Experimental Animals


2017-2020: PhD in Veterinary Medicine, Pediatrics and Nutrition, Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, IVH, SUND, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2016-2017: Veterinarian for smaller animals at Farum Dyreklinik ApS, Farum, Denmark

2014-2016: Research Scientist within Global Research at Novo Nordisk A/S, site Måløv, Denmark

2011-2014: MSc in Veterinary Medicine, SUND, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2008-2011: BSc in Veterinary Medicine, SUND, University of Copenhagen, Denmark



2017-present: PhD student, Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition, IVH, SUND, University of Copenhagen, Denmark



Other research activities and qualifications

Certified in Laboratory Animal Science Category C



Primary fields of research

Nutrition, growth and maturation of organ systems as well as the brain and neurodevelopment in the immediate neonatal period. I have worked with animal models, such as mice and rats, with a main focus on the preterm pig as a model of preterm infants investigating the development of the gastrointestinal system, immunity and the brain. Core surgical techniques include C-sections, resuscitations and insertions of umbilical catheters. In vivo analytical techniques include testing of motor function and cognition (time for acquisition of basic neuromuscular control, testing of exploratory abilities in an open field, gait analysis and testing of spatial cognition in a plus-shaped T-maze system). Ex vivo analytical techniques include brain dissection and analysis of regional weights, structural analysis of brain development and maturation using diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging, tractography of nerve tracts, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) on gastrointestinal tract tissue and ELISA. My research also includes planning and designing of animal experiments, data management and sample analysis.


Main research focuses are:

  • Gastrointestinal tract development and the immature gut after preterm birth

  • Bacterial colonization and gut microbiota in early life

  • The gut-brain axis

  • Postnatal brain- and neurodevelopment after preterm birth

  • Structural and functional brain impairments after preterm birth

  • Short and long term gastrointestinal and brain-related outcomes after preterm birth

  • Growth and nutrient requirements for preterm pigs and infants

  • Fortification of milk for preterm pigs and infants


Academic research network

  • Board member at the In vivo Pharmacology PhD school

  • Collaboration with experts in the industry (Arla Foods)





Teaching and supervision

  • Lecturer on the practical workshop at the Animal Experimental License course for Animal Science

  • Co-supervisor of 2 master’s students (2017-2018)

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