Carl Martin Peter Nilsson

Carl Martin Peter Nilsson

Assistant Professor


Master of Science in Biotechnology from SLU, Uppsala

PhD in Microbiology from SLU, Uppsala


Previous employment

Affibody AB, Scientist, Team leader, 2003-2007

DTU and Copenhagen University, Postdoctoral Position 2008-2014


At Costerton Biofilm Center I work with various biofilm related projects. A transposon library based on the oral pathogen Streptococcus mutans was used to identify genes involved in antimicrobial tolerance in biofilms. Thereafter, the tolerance mechanisms mediated by the products of the isolated genes were investigated. Currently, I am part of a team that focus on identifying and studying compounds that interfere with biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In addition, I have also contributed in other studies e.g. the function of amyloids in biofilm formation in Pseudomonas species, the presence of biofilms in skin biopsis from patients with Hidradenitis suppurativa and if DNA from oral bacteria can be detected on coronary angioplasty balloons collected from patients.

ID: 9842973