Camilla Bank Friis

Camilla Bank Friis

Research assistant

Project title:The interactional dynamics of frontline work conflicts. A study of how actions, attitudes and emotions shape encounters between citizen and frontline employee

Encounters between citizens and frontline workers sometimes escalate into conflict. In my PhD project, I study conflicts between ticket inspectors and citizens with a focus on how different social and symbolic factors shape the actual confrontations between the parties. The project is based on video footage of conflict encounters and interviews with the frontline workers in order to examine the dynamics and context of the conflicts. The video data give access to a systematic and detailed examination of the verbal and nonverbal actions as they unfold in conflicts between inspectors and passengers.

Project start: Sepember 15 2019

Supervisor: Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard

2nd supervisor: Lasse Suonpëra Liebst

Grant: Arbejdsmiljøfoskningsfonden, Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond

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Primary fields of research

Video analysis, Conflict and violence, Microsociology, Emotion sociology, Workplace violence

ID: 195065771