Camilla Bank Friis

Camilla Bank Friis


My research is driven by an interest in improving the sociological explanation of why conflict and violent interactions unfold, with a particular focus on violence and aggression against frontline staff. In my work, I use microsociological theory to study the interactional dynamics of status, motivation, and emotions in conflict situations. I specialize in using BWC and CCTV footage to conduct systematic qualitative and quantitative analysis of face-to-face interaction. I am proficient in combining data sources and methods, in particular observational and interview data.


Current projects:

Work-related threats and violence at residential care institutions: A systematic analysis of conflict behavior and risk factors

Staff in residential care institutions are in increased risk of being exposed to violence and threats at work. The purpose of the project is to examine risk behavior in conflict situations to create preventive measures to minimize violence and threats against employees at residential care institutions for adolescent. Based on detailed analysis of 150 conflict situations, the project aims to identify situational risk factors and behaviors that escalate and de-escalate conflicts between staff and residents at different types of residential care institutions for adolsescents.

Project period: 2022-2024

PI: Lasse Suonperä Liebst

Co-PI: Camilla Bank Friis

Grant: Arbejdsmiljøforskningsfonden


Do body-worn cameras reduce the risk of workplace victimization? A randomized con-trolled trial study on ticket inspectors in public transport

The project aims to pilot and test the feasibility of a randomized controlled field experiment that has the potential to provide a solid answer to the following question: Do body-worn cameras (BWCs) for employees engaging in regular customer interaction prevent employee victimizations? This question is a major concern for employees and employers across the world considering implementing BWCs in the workplace. The study will test the feasibility of randomizing the use of ten BWCs in the natural context of ticket inspection and examine the qualitative components of how a BWC intervention can be implemented in practice. 

Project period: 2022-2023

PI: Lasse Suonperä Liebst

Grant: Crown Princess Mary Center, KU


Former project: Reduction of threats and violence through systematic analysis of conflict behavior among prison officers and ticket inspectors

In my PhD project, I study conflicts between ticket inspectors and citizens with a focus on how different social and symbolic factors shape the actual confrontations between the parties. The project is based on body-worn camera footage of conflict encounters and interviews with the inspectors to examine the dynamics and context of the conflicts. The video data give access to a systematic and detailed examination of the verbal and nonverbal actions as they unfold in conflicts between inspectors and passengers.

Title of the dissertation: Ticket Inspection In Action. Managing Impressions, Status, and Emotions in Contested Everyday Encounters

Project period: 2019-2021

Supervisor and PI: Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard

Co-supervisor: Lasse Suonpëra Liebst

Grants: Arbejdsmiljøfoskningsfonden, Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond


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Primary fields of research

Video analysis, Conflict and violence, Microsociology, Emotion sociology, Workplace violence

ID: 195065771