Brian Lund Fredensborg

Brian Lund Fredensborg

Associate Professor

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    I study the ecological and evolutionary relationship between parasites and their hosts. A main focus area is the interaction between parasites and other stressors (e.g. pesticides) inside the host. Those interactions are studied quantitatively and qualitatively using helminths in arthropod hosts as study systems.

    Other interests of mine include:

    The transmission of parasites in relation to host diversity, abundance and distribution. Previous research demonstrate that the diversity, prevalence and abundance of parasites are sensitive tools to evaluate changes in the diversity of free-living organisms. Therefore parasites may be appropriate indicators of the effects of habitat degradation, and invasive species on overall ecosystem health.   

    Life history adaptations of parasites and their hosts. In particular parasite behavioural manipulation of hosts to increase transmission to the next host in the life cycle of parasites where I examine the relationship between specialisation and host specificity. My main study system is the trematode Dicrocoelium dendriticum and its ant hosts.

    ID: 40228888