Bodil Just Christensen

Bodil Just Christensen

Assistant Professor

Primary fields of research

My research has focused on ‘body projects’, meaning peoples’ concerns for and attempts to somehow change their body or bodily comportment. I have investigated these endeavours in a range of locations from both a medical anthropology perspective and an interdisciplinary perspective.

In my later research I have pursued this interest in how people craft a sense of themselves through their body and everyday practices, focusing on activities having to do with health, eating and exercise. My recent research has been on obesity prevention and treatment regimes with particular reference to obesity surgery, weight maintenance and health interventions; contextualized within a broader focus on embodiment and health inequalities. The main part of my work has been hosted in large interdisciplinary research alliances and networks, and consequently I have applied ethnographic methods in both quite conventional and more flexible ways. 

The aim of my current research is the development of a clinically applicable, interdisciplinary model for obesity treatment. A patient-centered model based on a conceptual framework that integrates insights from different research domains across disciplinary fault lines and approaches.

ID: 15592598