Birger Hansen

Birger Hansen

Associate Professor

  • Geography 1

    Øster Voldgade 10

    1350 København K

    Phone: 35322519Fax: 35322501

I teach and research in physical geography with a preference to climatology and hydrology

Since 1985, I have worked with the processes that control the energy exchange between ecosystems and the atmosphere. Vegetation classification, biomass production and snow cover classification in Arctic ecosystems have been the major focus mainly in Greenland, but also on Svalbard and Northern Scandinavia. Spatiotemporal active layer thicknesses in Greenland have been estimated using a simple numerical model bases on Stefans solution. The model is working with GIS based input variables for spatial distributed air temperatures, snow water equivalents and vegetation/soil properties. The model can run in a high resolution upscaling mode from point to landscape scale and on a low resolution downscaling mode from region to landscape scale based on input data from satellites and drones.

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