Bent Hasholt

Bent Hasholt

Associate Professor emeritus

Place Work
Institute of Geography and Geology
Østervoldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K; TLF: 35322500 E-mail: bh@geogr.ku.

1960 Student exam. (math) 1960. Compulsary military service
1960-1962 Sergent, Danish Airforce

1962-1969 University of Copenhagen
M.Sc. Geography, Geology, (Physics, Math and
chemistry). First Degree,Honours.
Technical University Denmark, supplementary courses, hydrology
and sedimenttransport.
Institute of Physical Geography, University of Uppsala: Ph.D. course
in fluvial geomorphology.
2003 Snow hydrology modelling, Fort Collins USA Oct.
Course in advanced hydrologic modelling (MIKE SHE)
2004 DHI February-May,
2005 Course in advanced fluvial modelling(MIKE 21C), January, DHI

1965 Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen:Assoc.Prof.
1969-2003 Skalling Laboratoriet
1979 Sermilik Station, Greenland 
1975-1985 Danish Airforce Academy
1981 Greenland Technical Organization

Scientific Awards:
1996 Egede Medaljen, Geografisk Selskab,

Research activities and Memberships:
1969-: Investigations on sedimenttransport and hydrology, Denmark.
1972: Glacio-hydrology and sedimenttransport, Sermilik, Greenland.
1974-76: Head of investigations of mercury pollution in the Varde Å system.
1976-78: Climate and hydrology, management, Sisimiut, Greenland.
1978-80: Suså, IHP-project. 1980-81: Planning and monitoring related to hydro-
power, Nordbofjord, Ammassalik and Buksefjord, Greenland.
1980-83:Ecologial Suså-project.1983: Pollution research, Marmorilik, Greenland.
1984-: Erosion research, EUROSEM, STEP, Project koordinator NPo-project.
1988-: Research on climate and landscape interaction sponsored by SNF,
Sermilik, Disko,Greenland
1993: Member of Strategic Environmental Programme, Root zone center and
Freshwater center.
1995-:Research on soil moisture, hydrology and sediment transport,
Zackenberg, Sermilik, Greenland and Iceland, SNF. Partner in PIONEER,
2000-: Lake hydrology, Kangerlussuag, Greenland, N.J.Anderson. Water balance
studies in Ghana, ENRECA, DANIDA.
1995-2005 President of ICCE(Int.Com on Cont. Erosion) IAHS(1995-2001) , management
com. member COST623, Danish chief delegate NRB(Northern Research Basin)
Member of Danish Water Resource Committee. Member of CEN/TC 318.
Member of board of evaluation, Zackenberg research. Danish national rep. for
ICCE, within Danish IAHS committee. Teaching water resource management on
2001 SLUSE course, Kuching, Malaysia (2001). FIVA boardmember. Member DWF
2003 Organizer of NRB Symposium Workshop, Kangerlussuaq 
2004-2006 Leader of SNF frameprogramme Sermilik
2004 Guest editor, special issue Nordic Hydrology,
2004-2008 Continuation of ENRECA project Ghana
2007-2008 Member of Scientific Committe NHC2006, CRIK project

Teaching and supervising:
Teaching hydrology and fluvial geomorphology at al levels at the Dpt.
of Geography
Since 1999 15 M.Sc. students and supervising 3 PhD
pt. 3 M.Sc. Students and supervising 4 Ph.D

Evaluation of education:
Censor in Geography Univ. CPH, RUC, Censor in Geology Aarhus University
and CPH. Evaluation of PhD , DMU, Lund Univ., Aarhus Univ, Exeter Univ..

Evaluation of Dr.:
Univ. Uppsala, Agr. Univ. Aas Norway

Danish Journal of Geography, Nordic Hydrology, Journal of Hydrology
Sediment Research , IAHS publ., Hydrological processes, International Journal
of Sediment Research

ID: 11506