Benedikte Brincker

Benedikte Brincker

Head of Department

Primary fields of research

I am trained in the field of social and political science. My research covers: the sociology of nations and nationalism; the sociology of education;  public administration. I have conducted research into  education, diversity and inclusion both in Europe and the Arctic Region. In recent years I have worked closely together with universities in the Arctic including, Alaska, Faroe Islands, Finland and Greenland, and have been a visiting professor at the University of Lapland (Finland) and furthermore associated with the University of Greenland as a lecturer and external examiner. Finally, In 2014, I joined the Danish board of external examiners in the field of Sociology.

 1st February 2020, I joined the University of Copenhagen (UCPH)  taking up the position as Head of Department at the Department of Sociology. Before joining UCPH, I was Vice Head of Department and Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, the Copenhagen Business School (2 years) and PhD. programme Director and Associate Professor at the Department of Business and Politics (6 years).

Besides conducting research and being engaged in university management, I have taught and supervised at the level of undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. In recent years, I have been involved in the development of Life Long Learning and have contributed as a teacher and manager to the further education of public managers in the programme Master of Public Governance (MPG).

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