Axel Kornerup Hansen

Axel Kornerup Hansen


Member of:

    Expert areas

    Present research areas

    • Improvement of mouse models for human diseases through interaction with the microbiota
    • Animal models for the impact of the microbiota on disease development
    • Laboratory animal welfare


    Potential conflicts of interest

    • Obtained funding from a range of private enterprises, incl. Novo Nordisk A/S, Lundbeck A/S, LeoPharma, Scanbur.
    • Collaborated with a range of private enterprises, incl. Novo Nordisk A/S, Lundbeck A/S, LeoPharma, Glycom, Brogaarden, Altromin gmbh, Taconic, Scanbur Ltd, Dupont Ltd., Pharmacyte, QM Diagnostics
    • Owns part of a patent licensed by Diamyd AB, as well as a pending patent licenses by QM Diagnostics.
    • Teaching on and occasionally paid for courses organized by private companies, incl. Scanbur, Charles River, Taconic, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk A/S.
    • Previous employment by Møllegaard Breeding Centre, a subsidiary now owned by Taconic.
    • Consultant for Riverstone Biotech.
    • Board Member, National 3R Centre and member of the National Committee for Animal Experimentation and Alternatives, both under the Ministry of Food.
    • Member of the Scandinavian Society for Laboratory Animal Science (part of FELASA), the American Society for Laboratory Animal Science, the European Society for Laboratory Animal Veterinarians, the European College for Laboratory Animal Medicine, and the Danish Veterinary Union.
    • Member of the Editorial review Board for Comparative Medicine under the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.
    • Member of retirement programs owning a broad variety of stocks and bonds, including stocks in pharmaceutical and food industry.


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