Aslak Jørgensen

Aslak Jørgensen

Guest Researcher

Educational background:

Cand. Scient. (Biology), University of Copenhagen (1998); PhD (Molecular Malacology), University of Copenhagen (2004).


Biodiversity of African freshwater snails. Phylogeny and systematics of Mollusca in general, and Planorbidae (Pulmonata) in particular. Molecular systematics of Planorbidae. The evolution of the molluscan fauna in the Albertine Rift. DNA barcoding of schistosome intermediate host snails. Phylogeny of Tardigrada.


Experience in teaching molluscan (and other invertebrates) morphology and systematics in basic and advanced courses at University of Copenhagen. Teaching in practical and theoretical molecular systematics. Supervisor of bachelor, MSc and PhD projects and students.

Technical and advisory services:

Responsible for DNA barcoding of schistosome intermediate host snails under the CONTRAST EU project.

ID: 4240862