Aske Skovmand Bosselmann

Aske Skovmand Bosselmann

Associate Professor

As an associate professor at University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Food & Ressource Economics, I am currently involved in research projects regarding the socio-economics of smallscale farming, agricultural value chains, climate smart ag systems and digital agriculture in the following projects: Breedcafs (EU H2020), Climcocoa (FFU - DANIDA) and WeFoCoS (Nordic Climate Facility). Besides my research, I teach the MSc course Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries, the DFC Fellowship scholarship course Value Chains &Food Quality, and in illycaffè's Master of Coffee program, supervise a number of MSc and PhD students, who carry out field work in Latin America, Asia and Africa, and do commissioned work for the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food regarding soy imports, sustainability, standards and certification in the food sector.

Short background: I have a PhD (2012) in natural resource economics, policy and management from UCPH in collaboration with CATIE, regarding 'Land use change and payments for environmental services among small scale farmers". I hold a BSc in Forestry and a MSc degree in Agricultural Development with a tropical forestry profile, both from UCPH. My master thesis dealt with the influence of shade trees on coffee quality and was based on field work carried out in the southern part of Colombia. Since then all issues related to coffee have become part of my interests.


Course responsible for the MSc. course ‘Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries’ and the tailored course ‘Value chains and Food quality’ under the DFC scholarship program. Guest lectures in several MSc courses at the University, and part of the fixed teaching team Illycaffè’s Master in Coffee Economics and Science, accredited by the universities of Trieste and Udine.    

Supervise between 5 and 8 MSc students at any given time, and PhD students from FFU projects

Fields of interest

Collaborates with employees from NGOs and industry partners mainly in the coffee sector,  typically via externally funded projects. The representatives from these companies and organisations are partners in larger projects. He is also member of the advisory boards to the Danish NGO Forests of the World and the company Regen Farmers. In these relations he acts in his function as employee of the University of Copenhagen and does not receive any remuneration from the external partners.

He does receive remuneration for lectures given, for example once a year in a courseon  coffee science and economics at illcaffé s.p.a. in Italy. He has also received remuneration for writings – for example, teaching material to and articles to Geografisk Orientering and JA, a Danish trade union.

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