Asger Lundorff Jensen

Asger Lundorff Jensen


  • Section for Internal Medicine, Oncology and Clinical Pathology

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Brief description of professional development I graduated as DVM from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL) in 1986. Having worked as private practitioner in large and small animal practices, I commenced a PhD.-study at the Central Laboratory, KVL, in 1988. In 1991, I became PhD. with a thesis on clinical chemical diagnosis of liver diseases in dogs with a main focus on bile acids. From 1991 to 1994, I was assistant professor at the Small Animal Hospital, KVL and in 1994, I obtained the degree Dr.Med.Vet. with a thesis on methods to validate diagnostic tests with a special focus on diagnostic tests for endocrine diseases and liver diseases in dogs.

1994 to 1996: Associate professor at the Central Laboratory, KVL.

1996-2009: Professor of Veterinary Clinical Pathology and director of the Central Laboratory.

2009-2012:  Head of the Department of Basic Animal and Veterinary Sciences. 

2012-2017: Head of Department for the Department of Veterinary Clinical and Animal Sciences which was formed by merging the Department of Basic Animal and Veterinary Sciences with the Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences.

2017-2022: Head of Department of Veterinarary Clinical Sciences which was formed by merging the large animal clinical and companion animal clinical areas.

2022 - today: Professor at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences


Research  Author or coauthor of more than 170 scientific contributions. Scientific interests include diagnostic test validation, quality control, inflammation and infection, endocrinology, hemostasis, and veterinary clinical pathology in general.
Teaching Awarded the prize as teacher of the year in 1999 by the students at KVL Besides teaching functions as professor in veterinary clinical pathology, I developed e-learning courses for several courses at the university (Clinical pathology, and clinical pathology in Small Animal Diseases, Biomedicine and Equine Diseases) and I have also been instructor at an international e-learning course in veterinary clinical pathology. In January 2009, I became Master of Learning Processes specializing in Teaching and Learning in Medical Education, at Aalborg University, Denmark


Main posts

2002-2009: Chairman of the veterinary study committee

2003-2009: Director of veterinary studies.

2007-2011: Member of ACE Denmark (the national educational accreditation board; Akkrediteringsrådet)

2007-2013: Member of the Research council for technology and production (FTP)

2008-today: Member of the the Veterinary Health Council (Det Veterinære Sundhedsråd)

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