Anthony John Addison

Anthony John Addison

Professor, Ekstern forsker

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    Background and Research Interests

    A development economist, with over 40 years of experience as an academic, researcher and policy adviser. Previously: Chief Economist, UNU-WIDER Helsinki; Professor of Development Studies, University of Manchester; Director of the Programme in Quantitative Development Economics, University of Warwic 

    Specializing in natural resources (particularly the extractive industries of oil, gas and mining and their relation to climate change), poverty and inequality, the macro-economics of development (particularly debt and fiscal policy, including tax policy, and the macroeconomics of aid), and the economics of post-conflict reconstruction. 

    Published in leading journals on these topics, including Resource and Energy Economics, Review of Income and Wealth, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of African Economies Journal of Development Studies, World Development, and Journal of Peace Research.

    Research impact indicators

    GoogleScholar: 6,085 citations, h-index 43, i10-Index 107

    Selected Publications

    Journal Articles

    • ‘Discerning Trends in International Metals Prices in the Presence of Non Stationary Volatility’. Resource and Energy Economics, 71 (2023). (co-author: A. Ghoshray)
    • ‘Inequality: Measurement, Trends, Impacts and Policies’. The Review of Income and Wealth, 63  (2017). (co-authors: J. Pirttilä, and F. Tarp).
    • ‘Aid, the Real Exchange Rate and Why Policy Matters: The Cases of Morocco and Tunisia’. Journal of Development Studies, 53 (2017). (co-author: M. Baliamoune-Lutz).
    • ‘The Macroeconomics of Aid: Overview’.  Journal of Development Studies, 57 (2017). (co-authors: O. Morrissey, and F. Tarp).
    • ‘Agricultural Commodity Price Shocks and Their Effect on Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa’. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 67 (2016). (co-authors: A. Ghoshray, and M. P. Stamatogiannis).
    • ‘Aid Policy and the Macroeconomic Management of Aid’. World Development, 69 (2015). (co-author: F. Tarp).
    • ‘Transnational Terrorism as a Spillover of Domestic Disputes in Other Countries’. Defence and Peace Economics, 16 (2005). (co-author: S.M. Murshed).
    • ‘Reconstructing and Reforming the Financial System in Conflict and ‘Post-Conflict’ Economies’. The Journal of Development Studies, 41 (2005). (co-authors: A. Geda, P. Le Billon, and S.M. Murshed).
    • ‘The Political Economy of Zimbabwe's Descent into Conflict’. Journal of International Development, 15 (2003). (co-author: L. Laakso).
    • ‘Debt Relief and Civil War’.  Journal of Peace Research, 40 (2003). (co-author: S.M. Murshed).
    • ‘Credibility and Reputation in Peacemaking’.   Journal of Peace Research, 39 (2002). (co-author: S.M. Murshed).
    • ‘Conflict in Africa: The Cost of Peaceful Behaviour’. Journal of African Economies, 11 (2002). (co-authors: P. Le Billon, and S.M. Murshed).
    • ‘The Impact of Macroeconomic Adjustment on Poverty in the Presence of Wage Rigidities’.  Journal of Development Economics, 40 (1993). (co-author: L. Demery).


    • Extractive Industries: The Management of Resources as a Driver of Sustainable Development. Oxford University Press (2018). (co-editor: A. Roe)
    • Poverty Dynamics: Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives. Oxford University Press (2009).  (co-editors: D. Hulme and R. Kanbur).
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