Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen

Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen


Professor of Social Epidemiology

Section of Epidemiology
Department of Public Health
The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Primary fields of research

Research in perinatal, obstetric, and pediatric epidemiology, including etiological studies of fetal death, congenital anomalies, preterm birth, and social and demographic conditions in relation to child health.

Associations between early life conditions and disease outcomes in later life are studied in a life-course perspective.

Current research

  • Scientific Principal Investigator of the Danish National Birth Cohort
  • Principal Investigator of the DanCHASE (Danish Child Health And Social Equity) project, a register-based research project concerning social factors and early life, e.g. fetal and childhood, health and disease'
  • Partner in the CHICOS FP7 project (, , LifeCycle (, EUCANConnect ( and Athlete (
  • Founder and co-ordinator of, a website that collects information about birth cohorts worldwide and aims to facilitate research collaboration between birth cohort researchers


Teaching in epidemiology:

PhD-courses in perinatal, obstetric and pediatric epidemiology and Epidemiology for health researchers

Supervisor for BA students, MA students and PhD students

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