Anne Sofie Aggestrup

Anne Sofie Aggestrup

PhD student

Current research

PhD student at the Research Unit for and Section of General Practice, University of Copenhagen, and at the Research Unit of Mental Health Centre Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark

Currently, I am a PhD student on the project: "Preventing Relapse of Depression when Treatment is Transferred from Mental Health Services to Primary Care" (DEPRIC). The aim of the project is to develop a collaborative care model between hospital psychiatry, general practice, social medicine, and job centers in municipalities to promote recovery and prevent relapse of depression in patients transitioning from psychiatry to primary care.
The model will be developed through a participatory co-design process that involves all relevant stakeholders, including patients. The co-design process consists of observation, individual interviews with patients and professionals, interdisciplinary focus groups, and workshops.

The project is an intersectoral collaboration between Mental Health Services in the Capital Region of Denmark, general practices in the Capital Region of Denmark, Centre of General Practice, University of Copenhagen, Job Center Copenhagen in the municipality of Copenhagen, and Centre for Social Medicine, Frederiksberg Hospital in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Possible conflicts of interest

I have received funding within the past three years from Tværspuljen, Jascha Fonden, Helsefonden, and Toyota Fonden. I have no personal financial conflicts of interest.

Primary fields of research

My primary research areas include the development and evaluation of complex health interventions aimed at promoting physical, mental, and social health.

I hold a degree in health science and have clinical experience as a nurse in both somatic and psychiatric wards. I am interested in healthcare organization and management. Additionally, I have experience in project management and coordination of several clinical randomized controlled trials in hospital psychiatry, as well as a research assistant at the University of Southern Denmark.

Fields of interest

  • Developing and evaluating complex interventions
  • Physical, mental, and social health
  • Co-created research and co-creation
  • Patient and user involvement
  • Intersectoral collaboration


I am currently teaching medical students in ‘Early Patient Contact’ at the University of Copenhagen. 

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