Anne Margrethe Wagner

Anne Margrethe Wagner

Assistant professor, tenure track, Tenure Track Assistant Professor


Anne Margrethe Wagner is a trained architect and tenure track assistant professor at the Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Copenhagen. Anne has several years of experience from practice and research in urban planning and design with focus on urban transformation processes.


Anne’s scholarly work focuses on urban transformation processes and public outdoor space within contemporary urban planning and design practice. In particular, it considers temporary uses and short-term interventions in the context of redevelopment of urban spaces and landscapes, as a mean to reactivate and fuel and support meaningful urban life. She investigates urban interventions in relation to longer term planning strategies, as well as emerging performative properties and uses of urban space on everyday basis. Furthermore her research looks into design and planning methods relating to urban prototyping and co-design within collaborative urban practice.

Currently she is part of the research project Move the Neighbourhood, investigating the relation between co-design of urban public spaces and current planning and design paradigms. The live project is part of a larger research and development network (APEN) investigating the role of collaborative design practice in the creation of active and socially engaging urban spaces. Anne’s PhD, titled Permitted exceptions: Authorised Temporary Urban Spaces between Vision and Everyday explores current understandings and implementations of officially initiated temporary urban spaces in the context of transformation of urban space and landscapes.  It investigates the everyday life of short term urban re-use projects in the light of long term visions, and the possible ’in- between’ spatial practices emerging in the transition. The practice-based research is based on findings through involvement in transdisciplinary project developments, design processes and pilot projects, among others through the partner network of the EU Interreg project SEEDS, as well as other national and international studies. Anne’s work is based on both Danish and international involvements and case studies. She has lectured widely internationally, and co-organizes research seminars and conferences within the research area.



I am course co-responsible for the MSc course Urban Intervention Studio, which I have been teaching since 2013. The programme interlinks with my research on public space, urban landscape processes and temporary interventions. It aims at developing analytical, conceptual and practical skills, bridging 1:1 design and building with strategic levels of action. Urban Intervention Studio is a laboratory for contextual and scale-transgressing design approaches involving students, various external partners and addressing highly dynamic sites. Follow the course here. I am also co-managing and teaching the first year studio ‘Plan and Design 1’, a design-based studio that introduces landscape architecture students to the field. Fundamental didactic considerations of ‘learning and doing landscape and design’ are the core. More information here.

I regularly perform thesis supervision and increasingly, I am facilitating interdisciplinary thesis work in collaboration with colleagues from natural science and other fields. I am a frequent lecturer and examiner at KU and at other institutions. Since 2014, I have both initiated and lectured at international PhD courses within design research. Currently I am co-supervisor for PhD student Yu Liu, supporting design-perspectives on informal urban spaces and related nature experiences.


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