Anita Berit Hansen

Anita Berit Hansen

Associate Professor

French language, sociolinguistics.

Current research

Phonetic variation and change in Parisian French (internal and external mechanisms, new norms for good pronunciation): Differences between le francais de référence and Parisian French, mergers in production and perception, lexical factors in the sound changes,  "real time" approach (1989-2015), social aspects of the pronunciation, attitudes to Parisian French among other French speakers.

Primary fields of research

Broad description of research fields :  French linguistics ; sociolinguisitics

More detailed description of research fields :  Variation and change in spoken French, specifically in pronunciation but also in syntax and lexikon ; social and stylistic variation ; mechanisms of language change ; perception and production of speech sounds ; language attitudes ; methodological and theoretical aspects of the gathering of spoken data. 

Most detailed description: current variation and change in Parisian French prononciation ; quantitative variationistic sociolinguistics; the vowel E caduc ; nasal vowels ; mid vowels and the vowel /A/ ; reduction of consonant clusters ; palatalization of obstruents ; negation ; use of the pronouns  on/nous ; non-standard lexikon

Fields of interest

Language policy in the Francophone world ; la francophonie ; language attitudes ; language and identity ;  regional languages in France ; language death  ; lexical variation in French ; youth language ; syntactic variation in French ; regional phonetic varieties of French including québécois and African varieties ; acquisition of French phonetics ; French language and the new media (chat, sms)


French language, Sociolinguistics - see research fields and fields of interest for details.

Office hours: Spring 2023 (weeks 6 to 21) Fridays 13:00-14:00, except weeks 13 and 20 where it is Wednesdays 15:00-16:00.

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