Anders Ræbild

Anders Ræbild

Associate Professor

  • Forest and Landscape Ecology

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: +4535331619Mobile: +4521688859
My research focuses on multipurpose tree species (especially fruit trees) in tropical agroforestry and forests. Geographically I have been working mainly in West Africa, especially the Sahelian countries of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. I was coordinating the EU-financed project SAFRUIT (Sahelian Fruit Trees, see I have an MSc in forestry and a PhD in ecophysiology (the effects of salt stress on Picea abies). Since 1999, I have been working with tropical forestry and agroforestry, and I am supervising or co-supervising four PhD students. Currently, I teach a course in Applied Tree Biology and Arboriculture. My current research interests are the following:
  • Genetic differentiation and adaptation in Sahelian tree species. We base our research on provenance trials Acacia spp., Adansonia digitata, Parkia biglobosa and Vitellaria paradoxa, using growth parameters, morphological variation and studies of phenology. Furthermore, we use drought stress trials to study differential reactions between provenances.
  • Building a broad genetic foundation for fruit tree breeding in the Sahel. With partner institutions, we have establishing provenance trials and breeding seed orchards of Adansonia digitata, Parkia biglobosa, Vitellaria paradoxa and Tamarindus indica.
  • Managing tree/crop interactions in agroforestry systems. Our studies include identification of shade tolerant crops and studies of regeneration of parkland species.
  • Tree seed systems. We want to improve distribution of seed and plants to farmers, who often do not have access to knowledge and good germplasm.

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