Anders Mikael Sjödin

Anders Mikael Sjödin

Professor emeritus, Professor, emeritus


Name/date of birth


Academic education

Anders Mikael Sjödin, 31-01

Fyrvägen 8, 23940 Falsterbo, Sweden

MD 1988, Dr of Medical Sciences 1996

Current affiliation

Dept. of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport,

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Current position

Professor emeritus


Faculty of Law, Uppsala University: JÖK (7.5 ECT), 1976

Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University: Sports medicine (7.5 ECT), 1982

Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University and London School of Tropical Medicine: International:

Child Health (7.5 ECT), 1983

Medical school (Medical doctor, 330 ECT) 1984, Faculty of Medicine, University of Uppsala

Medical doctor (Licensed medical doctor/MD; Legitimerad läkare) 1988

Pedagogic course at Uppsala University 1995 (for associate professor)

Doctor of medical sciences (Med Dr) 1996, Faculty of Medicine, University of Uppsala

European Nutrition Leadership Programme 1997

Orkla A/S: Brand School, 2003

GCP courses 2007, 2008 and 2016

Professional positions (after PhD 1996)

Post docat the Dept of Nutrition,Uppsala University, 1996-1998

Associated scientist at the department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University, 1998-ongoing 

Senior scientist Orkla Foods A.S, 1998-2002

Research manager Orkla Foods A.S, 2002-2003

Assistant research director, Orkla Foods A.S, 2003-2004

Consultant in co-owned company, Lighthouse Consulting HB 2004-2006

Associate professor, Copenhagen University/Dept of Human Nutrition/NEXS, 2006-2015

Professor MSO, Copenhagen University/NEXS, 2015-2020

Professor emeritus, Copenhagen University/NEXS, 2020-



Professor emeritus

ID: 4232923