Anders Elm Pedersen

Anders Elm Pedersen

Guest researcher

Primary fields of research

Translational Immunololgy, Cellular Immunology, Dendritic Cell immunobiology, Tumor immunology, Cancer vaccination, Inflammation, Immunotherapy



Current research

The translational Immunology group aims at getting insights into cellular mechanisms of the immune system. This insight is used to develop novel clinical treatments and to understand human disease. Translation of research results is based on closed collaboration with university hospitals.

At present the research group is engaged in the following research fields:

Dendritic cell immunobiology: DCs are key players in the activation of the adaptive immune response and thus defence against cancer and infectious disease. Also regulation of pathological T cell responses in autoimmune diseases is important. The research group study longevity and activation mechanisms in DCs and has a collaboration with oncologist at CCIT at Herlev University Hospital which can translate findings into ongoing clinical trials based on DC based cancer vaccination. Also, research in DC manipulation in order to treat autoimmune diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease is ongoing. International laboratories have now established the first clinical trial which test this approach against diabetes and it is likely that this cell based therapy will be tested extensively in a near future

Immune-monitoration during immunotherapies and vaccination is an important research field of the group. These analyses include characterisation of antigen specific T cells, antibody, cytokines and  chemokines. At present the research  group is also involved in analysis of cellular responses which inhibit the immune effector mechanisms during passiv immunotherapy such as treatment with anti-tumor antigen specific antibodies in cancer.

Also characterization of immune responses in various diseases and pre-clinical experimental disease models is performed. At present, the research group is involved in analysis of TH17 T cell function in an experimental model for inflammatory bowel disease.


Translational Immunology Group 2009-

Anders Elm Pedersen, MD, PhD, associate professor, head of the group

Ane Rulykke, technician

Susanne Rasmussen, post. doc

Esben Schmidt, PhD student

Caroline Madsen, PhD student

Charlotte Demuth Pedersen, stud. scient

Hjalte List Larsen, stud. scient




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