Alexiana Dawn Fry

Alexiana Dawn Fry


Alexiana Fry is currently a postdoc at the Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen, for the project ‘Divergent Views of Diaspora in Ancient Judaism (2023-2026).' She will be focusing on interactions with host authorities as well as the interplay of diaspora in the books of Esther and Ezekiel.

She recieved her PhD from the University of Stellenbosch in December 2021, working on the intertextual relationship between Judges and Hosea through the lens of trauma, migration, and feminism. Her research interests involve the ethical implications of "the exchange of women" and symbolic uses of women's bodies in sacred and/or ancient texts.

In 2024, her first publication will be released through Lexington Press, entitled Trauma Talks in the Hebrew Bible: Speech Act Theory and Trauma Hermeneutics. She has recieved two grants through the Society for Classical Studies in 2022 for contingent faculty, and through the Society for Biblical Literature in 2023-24 for "Teaching the Bible to Multiple Publics."

ID: 359563306