Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Jønsson

Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Jønsson

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    Alexandra Brandt Ryborg Jønsson (she/her)

    BSc, MSc, PhD Anthropology and Public Health

    Keywords: Aging, health inequties, severe mental illness, user involvement, illness trajectories, general practice, diagnostics and consultations, and the welfare state. 



    I am is a social anthropologist working within the fields of medicine, public health and social sciences. Core methodological competences lies within ethnographic research, co-design and userinvolvement, and merging the fields of art and science. 

    My research is focused on aging, health inequity, severe mental illness and illness perceptions (including overdiagnosis) in the welfare state. I do research on the patient experiences  and am currently head of the workpackage co-designing the intervention in SOFIA study



    I supervise PhD students, MSc and BA students from social sciences, public health and medical sciences within my field of research. 


    Office Hours

    Only by appointment during the pandemic. Email is preferred. 


    ID: 40092700