Alexandra Andhov

Alexandra Andhov

Associate Professor

  • JUR- CEPRI - Centre for Private Governance

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    Alexandra Andhov is Associate Professor in Corporate Law and Law and Technology. Dr. Andhov is a founder and director of the Copenhagen Legal Tech Lab at the University of Copenhagen.

    In 2022, Dr. Andhov was awarded a grant from Inge Lehmann's Research Talent Program for her PROFIT Project. The Project takes on analyzing and re-designing the corporate governance of Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple. Big Techs are among the most powerful agents in the world today, which use our data and utilize #AI to design products that predict our behaviour and push us toward their desired goals. This project aims to design improved corporate governance for Big Tech.

    The project is to run from 2023-2025.

    Dr. Andhov's research focuses on questions of corporate law, corporate governance, capital markets, law and technology from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. Her main research interest lies in the integration of legal, economic, and technological analysis, with particular emphasis on more sustainable, inclusive democratic and fair markets.  On these topics, she has published articles in numerous European and US law journals and reviews, including European Business Law Review, Cornell International Law Journal, Queen Mary Law Journal, Business & Society, and others. Dr. Andhov has published chapters in anthologies published by leading publishing houses, including OUP, Hart Publishing and Edward Elgar Publishing. In 2020 her multi-national overview of Start-up Law was published with Edward Elgar Publishing.

    In 2022, her book Computational Law was published by the largest Nordic publishing house - Karnov Group.

    In 2023, she is finalizing her manuscripts with Hart Publishing on EU financial regulation and new technological developments and an edited volume on Fallacies of Corporate and Finance Law, which she co-edits with Professors Saule Omarova and Claire Hill.

    In 2019, Dr. Andhov was a Fulbright Scholar at Cornell Law School. She has held visiting posts at various institutions, including the Oxford Law School, the University of Turin, CBS, and UNIDROIT. Currently, she is a visiting professor at the Minderoo Tech and Policy Lab at the University of Western Australia. Dr. Andhov serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Finance Watch, a Brussels-based NGO. She is a member of various organizations and societies, among others, the American Society of Comparative Law, the Slovak Bar Association (non-active), and IDA (the Danish Society of Engineers).

    Dr. Andhov has focused on developing innovative and entrepreneurial legal education. She has developed courses on Start-up Law, DigiLawyer, as well as Blockchain and New Technologies in Corporate and Capital Market Law and Legal Tech Laboratory.

    Dr. Andhov holds an S.J.D. in International Business Law from the Central European University (2015), an LL.M in International Business Law from the Central European University (2011) and a Master’s degree in law from Comenius University (2010). She has been a visiting researcher in numerous institutions and research centres, including the University of Turin (2017), the Cornell Law School (2013-14) and the Oxford Law School (2013). Before joining CEVIA, she was a research fellow at the Center for Integrity in Business and Government at the CEU Business School (2012-2015), and she worked for CMS Cameron McKenna in Budapest with their litigation and arbitration team. In 2015 she joined a consultation firm, CNS Risk. Dr. Andhov was called into the bar in Slovakia.


    • Blockchain regulation
    • Corporate law
    • Capital market law
    • Law & Technology
    • Start-up law


    • DigiLawyer: Training lawyers for the challenge of digitalisation (Since 2020)
    • Blockchain and New Technologies in Corporate and Capital Market Law (Since 2021)
    • Legal Tech Laboratory (Since 2021)
    • Law of Start-up Companies (Since 2017)
    • EU Law (Since 2019)
    • Comparative Corporate Governance (Since 2017)
    • Corporate Social Responsibility, Faculty of Law (Since 2016)
    • Law of Private Equity, Faculty of Law (Autumn 2016)
    • International Diplomatic Law, Faculty of Law (Spring 2017)

    Selected Guest Lectures

    • Sustainable Business and Environmental Seminar, Law School, Pace University, New York (Spring 2019)
    • International Trade, Faculty of Law, University of Torino (Since 2017)
    • Corporate Governance, Faculty of Law, Lund University (Spring 2017)
    • International Arbitration, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (Autumn 2016)
    • Private Equity Playbook, Cornell Law School, Ithaca (Autumn 2013)

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