Abhijeet Girish Lokras

Abhijeet Girish Lokras

PhD fellow


I am currently a PhD student in Prof. Camilla Foged's Vaccine Design and Delivery Group. My research focus is on quality-by-design based development, optimization, and extensive physicochemical characterization of non-viral, lipid-mediated delivery of nucleic acids, specifically mRNA based vaccines to tumour cells. The delivery platform is based on cationic lipids along with a polymer which will be manufactured as nanoparticles using microfluidics.

Link to our recent work:

ResearchGate - Abhijeet Lokras

Google Scholar - Abhijeet Lokras



Apart from the research, I am involved in teaching Bachelor Projekt i farmaci to students at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. My responsibilities involve supervision of four students. In addition, I am one of the teachers in the laboratory to guide and help around 50 students with their projects. 

I have completed 'Scientific Project Planning and Management 1' PhD course which has helped me plan projects and tasks efficiently. As part of my PhD, I am expected to complete 30 ECTS worth of courses and 300 hours of teaching duties at the University. I am also supervising two Master's students within our group.


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