Abbas Jafari Kermani

Abbas Jafari Kermani

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

The focus of our lab is to understand the mechanisms that regulate differentiation of skeletal stem cells to osteoblast and adipocyte lineages, and to investigate the relevance of these regulatory mechanisms to pathogenesis of bone loss in the context of inflammation, cancer, and aging.

Current research

  • Regulatory mechanisms of skeletal (mesenchymal) stem cell (MSC) fate specification
  • Role of lysosomal proteases in regulation of bone and systemic energy homeostasis
  • Role of MSC-secreted factors in pathogenesis of bone loss in the context of aging, cancer, and inflammation
  • Role of bone marrow adipose tissue in regulation of skeletal homeostasis


Our group has been engaged in teaching activities at different levels (medical students, bachelor, Master, PhD programs) and research training of post docs and international researchers.

ID: 47571870