Nordic Approaches to Climate-Related Human Mobility

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This collection is the first to address climate-related human mobility in the Nordic region and will be open access online in June. Academic discussion of climate-related human mobility has understandably focused on the places where people are especially vulnerable to climate-related harm: the Global South. Yet, the unique biophysical, legal and socio-political characteristics of the Nordic region, as well as its roles as both ‘home’ and ‘host’ to climate-related mobilities, justify its independent attention. Filling this lacuna, this book is a timely and much needed collection, which brings together leading and emerging voices from both academia and practice in a single volume, spanning policy and geographical breadth. Its chapters cover both regional approaches to the global phenomenon of climate mobility, such as the traditional role of the Nordic states as norm entrepreneurs and their representation in multilateral fora, and on-the-ground climate impacts unique to this region and their localised responses. Case studies include judicial decision-making as it relates to climate-related migration, insights into the local communication of climate risk, changes to Nordic development and climate policy, as well as climate-related mobilities of Nordic Indigenous Peoples.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Jun 2024

ID: 383082897