Индикаторы для назначения антибиотиков nри инфекциях дыхатеnыых nутей в общей врачебной nрактике

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  • Anatoliy Reutskiy
  • Bjerrum, Lars
  • Ruta Radzeviviene
  • Anders Munck
  • Christos Lionis
  • Lidia Caballero
Result of the project European Committee « Health Alliance for prudent antibiotic prescribing in patients with respiratory tract infections» (HAPPY AUDIT), has showed: the use of method of medical internal audit (APO method) and implementing the Point of Care (POC) tests: Strep A antigen test and C-reactive protein test (CRP) in general practice may lead to a reduction in antibiotic prescribing to patients with RTIs and may lead to decrease of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
Translated title of the contributionIndicators of the antibiotics prescription to treat of respiratory tract infections (RTI) in general practice
Original languageRussian
Article number4
JournalGeneral Practitioner Handbook
Pages (from-to)56
Number of pages61
Publication statusPublished - 2014

ID: 118396361