Ulla Tervahauta

Ulla Tervahauta

Assistant professor

Research interests

My research interests include New Testament and late antique Christian Literature, Apostolic Fathers, early Christian apocrypha,

Children/childhood and gender in early Christian literature,

Archaeology, material culture, working with cultural objects and manuscripts.

In my Ph.D. I studied the Nag Hammadi writing Authoritative Teaching (Authentikos Logos), reading and aiming to understand it in its fourth century context.


 Current projects

Apostolic Fathers: I am co-director of a project that has as its aim to translate the Apostolic Fathers into current Finnish and publish a collection of introductions and studies into the various texts in the collection.  I work with the Shepherd of Hermas and I am interested in questions of gender and authority in that text.

The Infancy Gospel of James:I am preparing a new Finnish translation and am interested in studying the reception of the text.

Byzantine era Palestine: I am member of the Horvat Kur team (Kinneret Regional Project, Galilee). In addition to wotking with archaeological sources and their interpretation, I inquire into how monastic literature portrays life in Byzantine-era Palestine.



At the University Copenhagen, I have taught the Gospel of Mark, Galatians and the first letter to Timothy. The coming autumn 2019 I will teach the Gospel of Matthew.

At the University of Helsinki (2011-2017), I taught various courses, including New Testament Greek, biblical studies methods, Children in New Testament and early Christianity, Second-Century Gospels, Gnosticism.

In 2016 I visited the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki via Erasmus Teacher Exchange.

ID: 181341911