Taiwan Research Fellowship (Academia Sinica)

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Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci (Recipient)

  • The Faculty of Law - allocation
MOFA Taiwan Fellowship is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to award foreign experts and scholars interested in researches related to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, Asia-Pacific region and Sinology to conduct advanced research at universities or academic institutions in Taiwan. Up to now, there have been 934 scholars from 78 countries being accepted by this program. MOFA Taiwan Fellowship, echoing the APEC Scholarship Initiative, provides 12 Chinese Taipei APEC Fellowship openings per year exclusively for scholars and experts from developing APEC economies. MOFA Taiwan Fellowship is open for application in May and June every year and recipients will conduct their research in Taiwan as early as January the next year.
Awarded date1 Jan 2019
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsMinistry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chinca (Taiwan)

ID: 227949532