Ulla Marie Nørgaard Toft

Ulla Marie Nørgaard Toft

Clinical Professor

Member of:

    1. Impact of salt reduction interventions on salt taste sensitivity and liking, a cluster randomized controlled trial

      Riis, N. L., Bjørnsbo, K. S., Toft, Ulla Marie Nørgaard, Trolle, E., Hyldig, G., Hartley, I. E., Keast, R. & Lassen, A. D., Jan 2021, In: Food Quality and Preference. 87, 8 p., 104059.

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

    2. Published

      The Danish SoL Project: Effects of a Multi-Component Community-Based Health Promotion Intervention on Prevention of Overweight among 3-8-Year-Old Children

      Buch-Andersen, T., Eriksson, Frank, Bloch, P., Glumer, C., Mikkelsen, Bent Egberg & Toft, Ulla Marie Nørgaard, 2021, In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18, 16, 10 p., 8419.

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

    3. Published

      What is the effectiveness of systematic population-level screening programmes for reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases?

      Eriksen, C. U., Rotar, O., Toft, Ulla Marie Nørgaard & Jørgensen, T., 2021, 122 p.

      Research output: Book/ReportReportpeer-review

    4. Published

      Worldwide trends in hypertension prevalence and progress in treatment and control from 1990 to 2019: a pooled analysis of 1201 population-representative studies with 104 million participants

      Zhou, B., Carrillo-Larco, R. M., Danaei, G., Riley, L. M., Paciorek, C. J., Stevens, G. A., Gregg, E. W., Bennett, J. E., Solomon, B., Singleton, R. K., Sophiea, M. K., Iurilli, M. LC., Lhoste, V. PF., Cowan, M. J., Savin, S., Woodward, M., Balanova, Y., Cifkova, R., Damasceno, A., Elliott, P. & 31 others, Farzadfar, F., Afzal, Shoaib, Allin, K., Andersen, L. B., Bjerregaard, P., Bojesen, Stig Egil, Christensen, K., Dantoft, T. M., Eliasen, M., Eriksen, L., Frikke-Schmidt, Ruth, Giwercman, A., Halkjær, J., Jørgensen, T., Kristensen, P. L., Lind, L., Linneberg, Allan René, Mårild, S. B., Møllehave, Line Tang, Nguyen, Q. V., Nordestgaard, Børge, Overvad, K., Schnohr, P., Sobngwi, E., Sørensen, Thorkild I.A., Tjønneland, Anne, Toft, Ulla Marie Nørgaard, Tolstrup, J. S., Wang, Y. W., Yang, Y. & NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC), N. R. F. C. (., 2021, In: The Lancet. 398, 10304, p. 957-980 24 p.

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

    ID: 4047592