Solveig Daugaard

Solveig Daugaard

Assistant Professor

In a time when literature is often perceived as a special interest with a rapidly decreasing cultural dominance and we are at the same time more surrounded by writing, and continuously engaged with producing, sharing and decoding writing than in any previous historical period, literary scholarship sometimes seems to be struggling to find the appropriate face: is the discipline an elitist remain from the world of yesterday, or is it, rather, more important than ever?

In my research, I am committed to retrieving the social and political relevance and the actuality of literature and literary scholarship in exactly this crux. Specifically, I am interested in examining how the post-digital media condition in which we are emerged affects the writing, reading and understanding of literary works in ways that challenge our conception of literature as a form of expression fundamentally derived from and upholding the independent, self-sufficient individual.

As a postdoc at the research center Art as Forum, I am currently working on the project Toward an infrastructural poetics, where I am studying contemporary literary practices that challenge both the literary work and the individual author as the dominant and stable interfaces through which we perceive literature by turning toward collectively maintained infrastructures regulating the production, distribution and reception of art and literature and connecting such practices to situated communities.


Keywords for research and supervision

Contemporary poetry and poetics, avant-garde and modernism, neo-avantgardes, North-American poetry, feminist poetics, Gertrude Stein, post-digital literature

Collaborations in art and poetry, poetry communities, infrastructural art, artists' books, small press publishing

Media history, media theory, media ecology, media archeology, infrastructure studies, affect theory

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