Per thor Straten

Per thor Straten

Clinical Professor

Current research

Current projects include:

  • Study how platelets bind to T and NK cells and negatively impact on the function of the cells
  • Linking oncogenes expressed by cancer cells with immune suppression of T cells in the tumor microenvironment
  • Characterization of mechanisms by which cancer cells inhibit functionality of alpha-beta and gamma-delta T cells
  • Study how exercise may impact on cells of the immune system, in turn improving anti-cancer immune responses

Fields of interest

  • Cancer immunology and immunotherapy
  • Immunological effects of exercise


Responsible for the program “The Immune Defence and Cancer” (, which is part of the master in Immunology and Inflammation ( Beyond that regular teaching of undergraduate students at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University. Master and PhD students are supervised during the education in the lab.

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