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    1. 2023
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      A second update on mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19

      Kanai, M., Andrews, S., Cordioli, M., Stevens, C., Neale, B. M., Daly, M., Ganna, A., Pathak, G. A., Ellinghaus, D., Banasik, K., Brunak, S., Pedersen, O. B., Westergaard, D., Sequeros, C. B., Nissen, J., Feldt-Rasmussen, U., Grønbæk, K., Ostrowski, S. R., Guindo-Martinez, M., Garcia, S. M. & 70 others, Hjalgrim, Henrik, Admin team lead, A. T. L., Admin team member, A. T. M., Analysis team lead, A. T. L., Analysis team member, A. T. M., Data collection lead, D. C. L., Data collection member, D. C. M., Manuscript analysis team lead, M. A. T. L., Manuscript analysis team members: Mendelian randomization, M. A. T. M. M. R., Manuscript analysis team members: methods development, M. A. T. M. M. D., Manuscript analysis team members: phenome-wide association study, M. A. T. M. P. A. S., Manuscript analysis team members: principal component projection, gene prioritization, M. A. T. M. P. C. P. G. P., Project management lead, P. M. L., Scientific communication lead, S. C. L., Scientific communication member, S. C. M., Writing group lead, W. G. L., Writing group member, W. G. M., 23andMe, 2., Adolescent brain and cognitive development study, A. B. A. C. D. S., Analysis group, A. G., Armenia_Covid-19hg, A., Assessment of the influence of clinical, functional, immunological and genetic factors on the severity of the course of coronavirus infection with SARS-CoV-2 and post-COVID syndrome, A. O. T. I. O. C. F. I. A. G. F. O. T. S. O. T. C. O. C. I. W. S. A. P. S., Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), A. L. S. O. P. A. C. (., BelCovid, B., Biobanque Quebec COVID19, B. Q. C., BioVU, B., Bonn Study of COVID-19 Genetics, B. S. O. C. G., CGEn HostSeq—Canadian COVID-19 Human Host Genome Sequencing Databank, C. H. C. H. H. G. S. D., Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine—CCPM, C. C. F. P. M., COMRI/Virology Study, C. S., Covid19 Ioannina Biobank, C. I. B., COVID19-Host(a)ge, C., Covid19hg-CL, C., Danish COVID-19 Genomic Consortium, D. C. G. C., Egypt hgCOVID hub, E. H. H., EraCORE, E., FinnGen, F., French hgCOVID, F. H., GCAT. Genomes For Life, G. G. F. L., Genes & Health, G. &. H., Genetic influences on severity of COVID-19 illness in Korea, G. I. O. S. O. C. I. I. K., GenOMICC, G., Genotek COVID-19 study, G. C. S., Helix Exome+ COVID-19 Phenotypes, H. E. C. P., Host Genetic Factors for COVID-19 Severity and Outcome in Western Indian Population, H. G. F. F. C. S. A. O. I. W. I. P., Host Genetics in COVID Cohorts of Mixed ancestry from Mexico, H. G. I. C. C. O. M. A. F. M., Japan Coronavirus Taskforce, J. C. T., Japan NCGM-COVID19, J. N., Jordan COVID-19 Host Genomics Initiative (JCHGI), J. C. H. G. I. (., Leadership, L., Lung eQTL Consortium, L. E. C., Mass General Brigham—Host Vulnerability to COVID-19, M. G. B. V. T. C., MexGen-COVID, M., Pa-COVID-19, P., Project management group, P. M. G., Project management support, P. M. S., Qatar Genome Program, Q. G. P., SARS-CoV-2 and Host Genome sequencing, S. A. H. G. S., Scientific communication group, S. C. G., Search for Genomic Markers Predicting the Severity of the response to COVID-19, S. F. G. M. P. T. S. O. T. R. T. C., Spanish COalition to Unlock Research on host GEnetics on COVID-19 (SCOURGE), S. C. T. U. R. O. H. G. O. C. (., The Danish Blood Donor Study, T. D. B. D. S., The Genetic Predisposition to severe COVID-19, T. G. P. T. S. C., Tirschenreuth Study (TiKoco), T. S. (., UCLA Precision Health COVID-19 Host Genomics Biobank, U. P. H. C. H. G. B., UK Biobank, U. B., Variability in Immune Response Genes and Severity of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (INMUNGEN-CoV2 study), V. I. I. R. G. A. S. O. S. I. (. S., Website development, W. D., Writing Group, W. G. & The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative, T. C. H. G. I., 2023, In: Nature. 621, 7977, p. E7-E26 23 p.

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