Marina Lambert

Marina Lambert


  • 02/2015-02/2019 – PhD, Department of Political Science, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, Denmark;
  • 09/2011-09/2013 – MA degree, University of Aarhus, major in European Studies, Aarhus, Denmark;
  • 09/2010-06/2011 - MA program, National University of "Kiev-Mohyla Academy", major in Cultural Studies: History and Theory, Kiev, Ukraine;
  • 09/2006-06/2010 – BA degree, National University of “Kiev-Mohyla Academy”, major in Cultural Studies, Kiev, Ukraine;

Courses and conferences:

  • 10/2015 - general meeting of the Danish Political Science Association, Kolding, Denmark;
  • 09-10/2015 - "Markets and Democracy" master class, University of Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland;
  • 11/2014 – 3rd  Midterm ESA Conference “Europe’s Global Challenges: Politics, Markets and Societies”, paper “Myth, Symbol and Ritual in European Identity Construction during the Eurozone Crisis”, University of Copenhagen, Denmark;
  • 07-08/2011 – Summer Program “History of European Integration”, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey;
  • 06/2011 – Viadrina Summer University "Post-Socialist Cultures and Societies", Frankfurt (Oder), Germany;
  • 07-08/2010 – International Summer Program "European Studies", University of Vienna, Austria;
  • 07/2010 – International Summer School “European Culture(s): The Challenge of Diversity and Unity”, University of Graz, Austria;


English – proficient user; Danish – independent user;                      

Russian – proficient user; Ukrainian – proficient user;                    

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