Marie Meier

Marie Meier

Research assistant

Primary fields of research

My interest in literature, literacy, language and cultural studies has formed my cross-disciplinary approach to the field of history and social psychiatry.


Current research

As part of the collaborative research project: ´The politics of family secrecy´ my PhD project: ´The Concealment of Mental Maladies´explores changing practices of family secrecy in relation to psychiatric disorders in the context of the emerging Danish welfare state in the 20th century.

I focus on what caused families to cover up mental illnesses, and how their motives and actions were interdependent with social norms and political agendas during a time when mental hospitals and the field of psychiatry experienced great changes. Importantly, I operate with the theoretical assumption, that families are not merely subject to political power and change, but are also laboratories and catalysts of change in their own right.

My investigation of how families and institutions have managed the knowledge of mental illness in a family member and engaged in secrecy strategies is undertaken throgh comparitive analyses across multiple empirical sources from the historical era in focus: patient journals, official documents, oral history interviews and fiction.

ID: 200168440