Loa Kristine Teglgaard Christensen

Loa Kristine Teglgaard Christensen

Guest researcher

The working title of my PhD project is Development or Decline? Experiences and Practices of Ageing in Enabling Care.

The aim of the project is to explore ideas and practices of ageing in contemporary Danish society through the study of enabling care interventions in municipal eldercare. In a few years policies of enabling care have spread from one municipality to all the 98 municipalities in Denmark. This trend has often been described as nothing less than a paradigm shift in the approach to eldercare. Specifically, enabling care denotes interventions in which elderly citizens who apply for or already receive eldercare services, are rehabilitated in order to become as independent and self-reliant in their everyday lives as possible. I focus primarily on the perspective of the recipients of enabling care. The study of enabling care will be a lever to gain insight into some more general ideas and practices of ageing, welfare and 'the good old age' in a contemporary Danish context.

My research project is affiliated with the Center for Healthy Ageing, University of Copenhagen.

Supervisor: Susan R. Whyte


ID: 97571654