Kristoffer Niss

Kristoffer Niss


I am interested in global aspects of biological systems, mapping the organisation of such systems, including networks and immune repertoires, and describing their dynamics in disease and health. One of my main interests is large, cell type-specific protein-protein interaction networks (interactomes) that often consist of up 10,000 proteins with +300,000 interactions. We are - in multiple projects - describing both the fundamental topological aspects of these networks (preprint) and their context-dependent change during cellular migration or differentiation.

I am also greatly involved in the large interdisciplinary collaboration, RIMMI, where I am the main data analyst on multiple projects. During the past three years, I have been involved in projects regarding (1) FACS-sorted immune cells, who have been RNA sequenced in bulk (paper), (2) immunoglobulin/ antibody repertoires, (3) single cell RNA-sequenced immune and stromal cells with both 10x Genomics and drop-seq, and (4) T cell receptor repertoires.


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