Kim Sune Karrasch Jepsen

Kim Sune Karrasch Jepsen


Primary fields of research

My PostDoc forms part of a national research project (PI: Inge Kryger Pedersen) exploring mechanisms in support of social inclusion for children, adolescents, and adults with hearing loss. Our KU and VIVE research adresses micro-meso-macro level barriers to social inclusion, and use multiple methods to identify mechanisms of social inclusion in mainstream society.

Drawing on my Phd, my research has developed a micro-sociological approach to investigate interactional barriers or supportive mechanism for social participation. I apply this approach to explore interactional dynamics for adolescents with hearing loss – looking at group situations and spatial conditions - the research seeks to explore and identify basic group dynamics and environmental mechanism that support participation. I work with mixed methods, time series of interviewing groups, video observations and survey.

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