Katja Maria Bangsgaard Bendtsen

Katja Maria Bangsgaard Bendtsen

Research assistant

My research is centret around the immune system, particularly how we can manipulate it in a beneficial way. 

A number of diseases are caused by an over- or malfunction of the immune system, where the normally beneficial functions become the cause of the symptoms. A well-known example is allergy. Other important diseases in this category are diabetes, where the cells of the immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, and colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, where the reaction of the immune system to food antigens is a controbutor to the disease. 

I work with mouse models for theses diseases. In mice we can test our theories on how we can improve or aid the immune system's tolerance towards the body's own cells and antigenes in the environment.

In our research group, lead by Professor Axel Kornerup Hansen, we work in particular with the gut and the gut microbiota. More and more research show that early contact with gut bacteria of the right kind can improve the immune defence and prevent or dampen inflammatory diseases later in life. 

Primary fields of research

  • The Immune System
  • Gut Microbiota
  • Mouse Models
  • Disease Development
  • Gut Immune System


Laboratory Animal Science FELASA Cat. B and C:

  • Handling of Laboratory Animals, Injection Techniques, Anestesia of Mouse and Rat, Surgical Procedures, Laboratory Animal Welfare, Euthanasia

Selected publications

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ID: 35325032