Karen Lund Petersen

Karen Lund Petersen

Professor with special responsibilities

Karen Lund Petersen
Associate Professor, Director Centre for Advanced Security Theory (CAST)
Head of Studies, MSc in Security Risk Management
Department of Political Science
E-mail: klp@ifs.ku.dk
Telefon: +4535323398


Previous positions

March 2012-
Associate Professor, Deparment of Political Science.
Director Centre for Advance Security Theory (since Jan 2013)
Head of Studies MSc in Security Risk Management (since Feb. 2013)
May 2008-March 2012
Postdoc and Deputy Director of CAST (since 2010). The postdoc was co-financed by the Danish Research Council. 

Jan.–Jun. 2008
Lecturer (Ekstern lektor) at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Supervision of BA projects.

Sep. 2003–Dec. 2007
PhD scholar at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Jan. –Jun. 2003
Lecturer (Undervisningsassistent) at Roskilde University

Sep. 2002–Jun. 2003
Lecturer (Ekstern lektor) at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen 

Nov. –Dec. 1998
Short term consultant, Andersen Management International

Apr. 1997–May 2000
Research Assistant for Barry Buzan and Ole Wæver at the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute. 

Jan.–Jul. 1995
Volunteer at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Regional Bureau for Eastern Europe and the CIS, New York


PhD from the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen. 

Visiting scholar at the Department for Politics and Management, Copenhagen Business School

Visiting researcher, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

MA in Political Science, University of Copenhagen

BA in Political Science, University of Copenhagen

1994 – 1995
Undergraduate studies, New York University (Visiting scholar)


Appointed member of the program committee SAMRISK II, under the Norwegian Research Council. 100 mil NKK for research grants on societal risks 

Main architect being the MSc Programme in Security Risk Management, initiated in 2012.

Member of the EUROPOL Platform for Experts on serious organized crime; yearly meetings 

Reviewer for European Journal of International Relations, Journal of International Affairs, Review of International Studies; Milennium, Security Dialogue, Global Politics, Cooperation and Conflict, Citizenship Studies, Distinktion, International Political Sociology 

External examiner (censor) at Forsvars Akademiet; Flyvevåbenets Officerskole

Member and chair of PhD assessment committees. Carina Meyn (SDU, member), Christa Moesgaard (UCPH, chair), Kristian Knus Larsen (UCPH, chair), Rune Saugman (UCPH, chair), Josefine Kuhl Larsen (UCPH, chair)

Speaker at events for external policymakers, security specialists and private business. E.g. Danish Security Intelligence, Chefkursus Forsvars Højskolen (Oslo), State Watch (EU), European Corporate Security Association etc.


Grants recieved:

Nordforsk 2015-2019; Center of Excellence on Security Technologies and Societal Values, 22 mill. Project management resides at CAST with Karen Lund Petersen as Director and Peter Burgess and project leader.

Royal Danish Defence College 2015, project on public-private partnerships on ICT-related security, 410.000 DKR, received by Kristoffer Kjærgaard Christensen and Karen Lund Petersen.

Thyggsen Stiftung 2016, Stipendium for 2 years of post doc employment for Mark Jaeger (received by Karen Lund Petersen from Thyssen Stiftung for employment at CAST from May 2016.

Danish Research Council 2008; Cultures of Corporate Security, 2008-11, Project (1,7 mil. DKK.)

Danish Research Council Security Communication 2013: Between secrets and speech, 2013-2017, (1.8 mil. DKK.)

Teaching grant 2013: Innovative thinking in Political Science Teaching, supported by CIEL (120.000 DKK.)

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