Julie Skovgaard Sommer von Würden

Julie Skovgaard Sommer von Würden

Visiting Researcher

I hold a MA in Educational Science and a MA in African Studies, University of Copenhagen. Currently, I am a PhD Fellow at the Centre of African Studies.

Research area

My main research interests is education and learning processes in African school institutions and the role of religion and culture in African education. My research draws upon inspirations from sociology of education, history of education, ethnography of education, curriculum sociology and classroom research. Central to my research are the relation between school, state, religion and culture and issues of identity politics, knowledge production and the production of youth in urban Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Current research

My current research addresses the educational content and the transformation of knowledge within state regulated schooling and more specifically within Islamic schools and secular schools in Zanzibar Town. With a focus on knowledge producing practices connected to young people and to the production of their identities, I use classroom observations, qualitative interviews, archive research and participant observations of students in their everyday life in order to explore how knowledge is “educationalized”. For instance, I look at how Islamic forms of knowledge become educational forms of knowledge and how educational forms of knowledge become Islamized. 


ID: 43938915