Jens Adriaan van der Ploeg

Jens Adriaan van der Ploeg

PhD fellow

Current research

The influence of interest groups and lobbying organisations can depend on the salience of issues (how high the issue is on the agenda of voters and how much an issue is debated in the media or in politics). Sometimes such organisations can benefit if their issues do not become too ‘big’. I am interested in whether and how these actors can try to decrease discussion on such issues and what role politicians play in this.

Fields of interest

Generally, I am interested in a broad range of topics surrounding interest group politics, lobbying and the cooperation between lobbyists and policy makers. Themes I have studied include the strategies of interest groups to gain access to policy makers, organisation- and context level determinants of access, how well interest groups represent the public, how interest groups affect each other’s lobbying behaviour and the revolving door between politics and organised interests.

ID: 203658148