Henriette Roued-Cunliffe
Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

Associate Professor

I am an associate professor in digital humanities with a background in archaeological computing.

I did my BA in Prehistoric Archaeology (Aarhus University), supplemented with courses in GIS and Java programming as an Erasmus exchange student (University of Leicester). Followed up with an MSc in Archaeological Computing (University of Southampton), where I began building webservices/APIs for heritage data, and a DPhil in Ancient History (University of Oxford), where I experimented with Decision Support Systems and other digital tools for aiding scholars reading ancient documents, such as Latin documents from Vindolanda.

My research interests are open heritage data as well as how amateurs, crafts-people, do-it-yourself culture and other community members participate in heritage on and offline. 

I am very interested in hearing from researchers, students and other interested parties who take an interest in these subjects. 



Primary fields of research

  • Autodidact Information Behaviour
  • Everyday Life Information Seeking (ELIS)
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) Culture
  • Heritage data and open data (web services)
  • XML and Markup
  • Crowdsourcing and education


Teaching overview

Fields of Practice - Information and Organizing (4. sem, elective), spring 2017

Subjects include: open data within different fields of practice.

Computer-mediated communication (6. sem, elective), spring 2017

Partial e-learning with focus on communication within institutions, organistaions and everyday-life

Research Design - Culture and Media (3. sem elective), autumn 2016

Subjects: Culture 3.0, DIY culture, digital natives

Practical web outreach  (KA elective), spring 2015, 2016

Includes subjects such as:  use of social media, dialog on the web, how-to videos, Wikipedia 

Digital Knowledge Systems (3. Sem), autumn 2014, 2015

Includes subjects such as: Markup, XML, TEI, DC, Crowdsourcing, History of the internet, Semantic web and Web services.

Do-it-yourself culture and the role of cultural institutions (4. Sem valgfag), spring 2015

Includes subjects such as: Autodidactisme, DIY culture, information bevaviour, cultural institutions

Theory of Science and Methodology (4. Sem), spring 2015, 2016

Includes subjects such as: Digital Humanities, statistics in humanities, twitter analysis

Knowledge Management (5. Sem), autumn 2014

Includes subjects such as: eGovernment, Government digitalisation, Government IT systems, Open data, Security and the law. 


 I supervise students in the following subjects:

  • Social networks (internet culture, forums, blogging and social media)
  • Do-It-Yourself culture and autodidactism in information behaviour
  • Cultural heritage and outreach
  • Heritage data/IT, eGovernment, open data and webservices
  • Markup and XML
  • Tagging, Folksonomies and Crowdsourcing


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