Dorte Enggaard Steenberg

Dorte Enggaard Steenberg


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Insulin resistance plays a major role in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes, which is regarded as one of the biggest health problems worldwide. As skeletal muscle accounts for approximately 80 % of the insulin stimulated glucose uptake the “condition” of skeletal muscle becomes important for whole body glucose homeostasis. During exercise, glucose oxidation increases in part by utilization of endogenous glucose (glycogen).  In accordance, in the period after exercise muscle glycogen re-synthesis is of high priority in the prior exercised muscle. Studies have shown that as soon as glucose becomes available and insulin concentration increases, the prior exercised muscle displays a markedly enhanced sensitivity to insulin, facilitating uptake and storage of glucose. In my PhD, I seek to elucidate the mechanisms contributing to this phenomenon by investigating the effects of a single bout of exercise under different conditions in muscle.

Primary fields of research

Exercise and insulin sensitivity

Muscle fiber type specific adaptations to exercise

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