Charlotte Vinther Schmidt

Charlotte Vinther Schmidt

Visiting researcher

My expertise is within food science technology (Ph.D.). My current research concerns investigations related to palatability and umami taste of potential future sustainable sources of food by physicochemical- and chemical analysis and new product development. My research frequently involves outreach about food science for children and adults in collaboration with the Danish taste center Taste for Life.

My work include design of experiments and performing physicochemical and chemical analysis in the laboratory as well as performing sensory evaluation studies. I have as well experience of value proposition design, business model canvas creation, life cycle assessment, and from previous work with the food industry, I have worked with fermentation, new product development, ingredient replacements and product optimization within mid to large-scale production sites.

I am excited to transform life science driven research into practical business opportunities and to use food science to create potential solutions to the current climate crisis to support a more sustainable transition of the food system, production as well as consumption.

  • Food Science Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Protein Chemistry
  • Umami
  • Marine Sources of Protein
  • Product Innovation

ID: 183890052