Carsten Lynge Jensen

Carsten Lynge Jensen

Senior researcher

Employment: Period, employer, position, and themes:


University of Copenhagen, (IFRO)

Senior researcher, empirical analyzes of experiments on household electricity and heat consumption, valuation of environmental goods, aquatic environment, angler tourism etc.


AKF (Applied Municipal Research) today VIVE

Senior researcher, empirical analyzes of municipalities economics, and energy economics.


Social and Business Research, Bergen, Norway

Researcher II, empirical analyzes of fisheries including of production functions, demand functions


SDU (research staff, PhD student, Assistant Professor)

Worked on empirical analyzes of fisheries, completed PhD, taught

Most important publications

Tjørring, L., Jensen, C. L., Hansen, L. G., & Andersen, L. M. (2018). Increasing the flexibility of electricity consumption in private households: does gender matter? Energy Policy118, 9-18.

Møller, N. F., Andersen, L. M., Hansen, L. G., & Jensen, C. L. (2019). Can pecuniary and environmental incentives via SMS messaging make households adjust their electricity demand to a fluctuating production? Energy Economics80, 1050-1058.

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