Annika Berglind von Heymann-Horan

Annika Berglind von Heymann-Horan

Part-time lecturer

Current research

My research focuses on palliative cancer patients and their caregivers, toward the end-of-life and in bearement. Specifically, I am part of on an RCT, which aims to help patients with limited curative treatment options to receive palliative care at home and remain at home as long as possible. Specifically, we investigate the effect of treatment by a palliative care team along with a psychological intervention directed at the dyad, as compared to care as usual.

My special areas of interest are: caregivers well-being during palliative in-home care as well as in bereavement, predictors of patients' place of death, impact of death at home on bereaved caregivers, participation and non-participation in palliative care RCTs

ID: 49166508