Anne Sophie Bech Mikkelsen

Anne Sophie Bech Mikkelsen

PhD Student

I hold a master degree in Public Health Science and I have focused my studies and work life on areas related to equity in health and access to health care services - internationally as well as nationally. I have worked within global health with project implementation, monitoring and evaluation and nationally with quality improvement in the primary health care sector (general practitioners).

In my current PhD project, I am interested in uncovering aspects of the social life of older people such as their social relations, social support and loneliness in relation to health and health care use. I look at how these social aspects shape health care utilisation among middle-aged people and I investigate how social interventions can improve social relations, support and possible alleviate loneliness among vulnerable older people living in nursing homes. I primarily apply social epidemiological methodology and theory but also systematic reviewing, qualitative methods and intervention/implementation theory.

Research areas: health services research, social relations, aging, health care utilisation, access to health care, ethnic/migrant health, global health

Research methodologies: social epidemiology, mixed- and multi-methods, intervention and implementation theory

ID: 143258289