Ana Herrero Fresno

Ana Herrero Fresno

Associate Professor

Over the last 18 years of research experience in the Microbiology field, closely related to the One-health approach, I have developed a multidisciplinary profile including expertise on:

-Epidemiology studies: epidemiological surveillance and characterization of Salmonella strains harboring hybrid virulence-resistance plasmids.

-Antimicrobial resistance: studies aiming at tackling bacterial infections via identification of new strategies to minimize antimicrobial resistance in animals and humans as well as new targets for antibiotic development.

-Dairy science and lactic acid bacteria.

-Molecular biology: studies including mutagenesis techniques (i.e CRISPR, Transposon mutagenesis), DNA/RNA extraction methods, gene expression analysis, qPCR, PFGE, HPLC.

-Host-pathogen interaction: studies providing new insights into how bacteria colonize, survive, and perform bacterial infections as well as environmental factors in the host contributing to infection success

-Infection microbiology and immunology. Bacteremia studies. Work related to infection of cell lines and animal models. Analysis of host immune response.

-Gene to function analysis. Work linked to the characterization of new genes involved in different functions, i.e: virulence, anti-virulence, fitness, metabolism.

-Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing. Studies based on in silico characterization of bacteria. Use of other bioinformatic tools (i.e BioTraDIS pipeline).


ID: 44361183